Ride the Willapa 2017: Food Options

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Trail Spotlight: All the Food

Your One-Stop Shop for All Things to Eat During Ride the Willapa

One of the things most intrinsically tied to Ride the Willapa, as well as the rest of humanity (really), is good food. This blog post will break down all the options at a Rider’s disposal, from meal to meal throughout the ride. A word to the wise: Most all of these food options thorughout the ride, do not have an option to pre-pay and may not have an option to pay with a card. There is one ATM in Pe Ell, but it is best to come with cash on hand for the event.

We will also be providing some snacks for along the way. Organic Valley is treating us all to some of their meat bars (which were a huge hit last year, if you haven’t tried them yet yourself) as well as string cheese and milk. We will also have some fresh fruit available, like apple slices, bananas, or oranges. These will be available at all aid stations/pit stops along the route.

Willapa Trail Superheros

Saturday, June 24th

Registration check-in begins at 8 am. We highly recommend eating a hearty breakfast before arriving. For those that are fine with an empty, possibly slightly growly tummy, there will be fresh fruit smoothies available from Dawn’s Delectables, who will be set up and serving you at Wedin Farm at the Tour de Farms.

Depending on where you are at on the Ride the Willapa journey, there are a few different options for lunch. At Dawn’s Delectables, there will be box lunches available. They include a sandwich, side, and a cookie. You can also throw in a beverage, if you like. The only catch is that to guarantee this as an option, it is best to order ahead of time. By following the link, you’ll have all the information you need to order your box lunch.¬†Other options available will be in Pe Ell, at the ride’s half-way point. In Pe Ell, there will be burgers being cooked up to order at the Festival Park, the Pe Ell Pub will be open with their full menu, and so will Eveys Cafe. Kettle Creek Coffee is also running a special wrap on their menu, just for Ride the Willapa.

For dinner, it’s all about location. For those of us choosing to stay in Pe Ell, there will be the aforementioned burger option, Pub, and Eveys. There will also be a dinner available at the Candle Light Inn. This dinner option will include Hungarian Goulash or Berueks (a shredded beef, onion, cabbage stew like mixture that is then baked inside aa yeast bread roll). This will come with a baked potato, salad, and cornbread or dinner roll.

If you’re staying at Rainbow Falls, there will be a pulled pork BBQ dinner. This comes with an apple slaw and cornbread.

The Pe Ell Football Field

Campsite at Rainbow Falls State Park

Camping at the Pe Ell Football Field

Sunday, June 25th

For those of us rising in Pe Ell, you’ve got a couple options for breakfast. The Candle Light Inn is going to be back at it, bright and early at 5 am, with fresh fruit and Danish pancakes (and of course COFFEE). Eveys Cafe will be open at 6:30, with some specials just for Ride the Willapa, and for the 21+ crowd, the Pe Ell Pub is going to be opening at 6 am. Kettle Creek Coffee is going to be opening at 7 am, with espresso drinks, fresh fruit, muffins, pastries, and oatmeal.

At the Rainbow Falls Campout, there is going to be simple but awesome eggs, sausage, and hotcakes. This breakfast will be available until

Options for lunch are a bit limited, because of the need to make sure we all make it back to Chehalis safely. (Let’s give a round of applause for our route monitors and sweepers!) The Quinoa King will be serving lunch at Newaukum Valley Farm, who are located right off Spooner Road. (You may be already familiar with their place from the day prior and visiting them during the Tour de Farms.)

Once you make it back to Chehalis, there are LOTS of quality food options in town. The closest destination from the trail is Jeremy’s Farm to Table restaurant, but there are many different options in Chehalis and Centralia, for most any cuisine you could be in the mood for.

If this post has left you still a litlte confused or unsure about where you’d like to enjoy meals along your Ride the Willapa journey, please feel free to reach out to us, either via email or through Facebook. We try to be very prompt in answering your questions, so don’t be shy.