Ride the Willapa Route Map

This page will give you the details of what to expect on the trail.

Ride the Willapa is more than just a bike ride. Featuring 45 miles of pure countryside glory, enough cute animals to make your heart pop, tons of great food, and games a plenty. Partnering with many other community-driven events, the Ride the Willapa experience encompasses a town festival, a series of farm tours, a night of camping under the stars at Rainbow Falls State Park and many other exciting options to round out an entire weekend of fun.

Registration is limited to only 1250 riders this year, as per safety requests from Washington State Parks.  It’s best to register early to take advantage of the early bird pricing!

  • Things you can expect to see along the route:
    • Bathrooms (porta-potties)
    • Aid Stations
    • Animals (in the form of birds and cows, as well as the occasional deer or fish!)
    • Support staff
  • Things you will not see:
    • Cell coverage – unless you are with Verizon or US Cellular, this ride is pretty much off-grid
    • ATMs
    • Firearms (for two reasons: 1) The Willapa Hills Trail is a Washington State Parks controlled area, and 2) the Village Festival will be held primarily on Pe Ell school district property – therefore strictly prohibited.)
    • Alcohol or drugs of any kind (see above reasons)
    • Other vehicles (except for the one spot where the trail crosses WA Route 6 – which will be staffed with flaggers to ensure rider safety)
  • What kind of bike do I need for Ride the Willapa?
    • The types of bikes that are going to have the most fun on this trail have a fatter tire than your average road bike – such as mountain bikes or cruiser type. That being said, we did have several people with tires as narrow as a 700x32c who completed the course with no issues.  However, we’d look at that as a bare minimum requirement.

Support staff on the trail

Willapa Riders

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the trail surface like?
    • The first 5-6 miles of the trail are smooth, paved asphalt. After that, the trail consists of fine-crushed, compacted gravel.
  • I plan on camping out at Rainbow Falls State Park / Pe Ell school, but I can’t carry all my gear on my bike…
    • Through a valued partnership with UPS, your camping items will be tagged with your rider number and delivered safely to the camp ground for you to claim your spot.
  • I am not much for camping… Any other lodging available in the area?
    • Unfortunately, it is rather slim pickings when it comes to lodging in the Pe Ell/Rainbow Falls area. You are welcome to search for an Air BnB, but if you’ve got your heart set of a nice comfy-cozy bed instead of an air mattress after the ride, we suggest booking a room in the Chehalis/Centralia and pushing to finish the ride in one day.
  • Can I do just half of the ride? 45 miles on a bike might kill me…
    • We encourage all riders to give the Willapa Hills Trail a go – It’s just about entirely level grade the whole way, and it is in no way a race. There are many things for you to stop and check out, taking a breather from the pedal work. If worst comes to worst, we do have the ability to take you back to your own vehicle, and of course will have medical staff at the ready should anything occur.
  • How can I register my family?
    • Last year we offered a family registration option – this year we have riding teams.  This way, you can have as many people as you want in your clan!  An adult ticket is still $30, same as last year, and now kids 18 and under are $10.  If you’ve got little ones who aren’t quite ready to ride on their own – either they are riding with you in a cycling attachment or in a kid’s seat – they ride for free with any adult registration. This Facebook post will speak more about how to create a riding team:


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